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8:00 - 21:00 (Thứ 2 đến thứ 7)

9:00 - 18:00 (Chủ Nhật)


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Chia sẻ

Chi tiết sản phẩm

  • Palacio de La Vega - Tempranillo
  • Mã sản phẩm:R006
  • Chủng loại:Rượu vang đỏ
  • Xuất sứ:Tây Ban Nha
  • Năm sản xuất:2005
  • Dung tích:0.75 ml
  • Nồng độ cồn: 13%
  • Số lượng hiện tại:0
  • Lượt xem:3196


This wine exhibits a deep complexion of intense violet shades with purplish tinges.


Initially, subtle scents of violets are revealed, then upon rotating the glass bowl the aromas of red fruits and apricots are released and dominate the nose with an agreeably warm sensation.  


A wine with a fresh and soft start, which exhibits a medium structure as it develops on the palate, leaving mouth-filling and luscious ripe fruit flavours. Aromas of raisins and crystallized cherries emerge in the aftertaste.

Serving temperature: We recommend drinking this wine at 15º C, a temperature that enhances all its fruity sensations.

Serving suggestions: Although this wine matches perfectly with meat and fowl, we can also recommend it as the perfect companion to pasta dishes.

Period of consumption:  This wine develops very well in bottle and has been made to preserve its characteristics for two or even three years.



·         Varietal:                              100% Tempranillo

·         Appellation:                        Navarra Designation

·         Area planted:                      19 Ha.

·         Age of vines:                       10 years

Harvest Information

·         Date:                                  20th September

·         Type:                                  100% mechanical

·         Yield:                                  7.700 kg/ha


·         Crushing / Destemming:       Softly and at a low speed

·         Criomaceration:                   Cold, during 48 hours

·         Tanks (type):                       Stainless steel tanks, with refrigeration systems

·         Fermentation process:          Fermentation at monitored temperatures of 24º to 26ºC.

·         Malolactic fermentation:       Yes

·         Barrel ageing:                      No


·         Alcohol %:                          13,5% vol.

·         Residual sugar:                    1,8 g/l

·         Total acidity:                       6.30 g/l tartaric acid

·         pH:                                     3.50

·         Volatile acidity:                    0.35 g/l

·         Free SO2                            30 mg/l

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