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Chi tiết sản phẩm

  • Firriato Sicilia - Altavilla Delle Corte
  • Mã sản phẩm:R028
  • Chủng loại:Rượu vang đỏ
  • Xuất sứ:Italy
  • Năm sản xuất:2005
  • Dung tích:0.75 ml
  • Nồng độ cồn: 14%
  • Số lượng hiện tại:7
  • Lượt xem:4557
This is, in our opinion, the best version ever derived from our winemaking passion and the love with which we prepare our wines. It has a beautifully intense, deep ruby red colour, with a rare aroma from which one notes strawberries, black currants, and blueberries that are wonderfully fused togheter. The palate is fragrant, soft, enveloping. A wine of great standing! 
Classification IGT Sicilia 
Grape varieties 50% Nero D'Avola - 50% Cabernet 
Vineyards location Territory of Trapani - Guarini Estate 250- 400 mt. a.s.l. 
Soil composition medium mixture with clayey tendency 
Training system Cordon trained, spur pruned / Guyot 
Nr. Vines per hectare n° 5.000 / 6.000 
Yields per hectare 7.900 kg 
Harvest Hand-picking III decade of September - I decade of October 
Fermentation temperature 24°-26°C 
Production method Traditional vinification in refrigerated fermenters; partial maturation in barriques for 7 months 
Period of fermentation 14 days 
Maturation 7 months in barriques 
Alcohol 14% by vol. 
Tasting notes Beautifully intense red ruby colour; rare aroma with notes of strawberry, black current and blueberry. Palate: soft fragrant, enveloping 
Production 350.000 bottles 
Glass Tulip-shaped goblets of medium size and height 
Serving temperature 16 - 18° C. 
Pairing Ideal accompaniment to roast, grilled meat, game and flavoured medium-aged cheese

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