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  • La Braccesca - Syrah Cortona
  • Mã sản phẩm:R055
  • Chủng loại:Rượu vang
  • Xuất sứ:Italy
  • Năm sản xuất:2006
  • Dung tích:7500 ml
  • Nồng độ cồn: 14%
  • Số lượng hiện tại:8
  • Lượt xem:4064
Year 2006
Alcohol 14 %
Size 0.75 l.
Type Wine
Classification DOC
Grape 100% Syrah
Taste It is stylish and well-balanced, with sweet tannins, nice mineral hints and aromas of red berry fruits and white plums.
Colour This red wine shows purply hues typical of the grape variety.
Nose Soft and vibrant in the finish, with no acid sensations thanks to the perfectly ripe fruit.
Accompanies Red Meat, game and roast meat, savoury first dishes and soft aged cheese.
Temperature 18°-20°
In the middle of September
Five stars year considered excellent. Low temperatures in late April and early May in the Cortona area delayed the vegetation process and subsequent phases, including ripening of the grapes, by about 10 days. This phenomenon caused lower quantities of grapes, but higher quality, since from mid-August onwards the temperatures remained steady and the Merlot grapes ripened perfectly. Overall this year will be recorded as once of the best in terms of quality
A wine to be discovered produced from Cortona Doc Syrah grapes from Tenuta La Braccesca, covering 379 hectares overall, consists of two separate parts: the traditional winery nucleus in the Montepulciano area, with 86 hectares of vineyards; and the other 151 ha of vineyards at the foot of the hills surrounding Cortona.
TCD Score: 87/100
A score of 87 for a wine a good value Syrah.

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